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You hit it when you said variety is the key. I love the power the writer has in the choice. Sentence length is definitely a literary technique. I think I write from the gut on this one, and the short staccato rhythm can really punch home a point. I love a sentence MLK, Jr. used in Letter from Birmingham Jail. It covers more than half a page and lists the injustices African Americans face each day as he explains why he can&#8217;t wait for the injustices to go away. His use of a sentence that goes on and on is driving home the point that the injustices also go on and on. Brilliant.

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Love your leopard coat, I just found a very similar vintage one this weekend at a Flea Market. It&#39;ll be on my blog later this week!xoxowww.prettylittlefawn.blogspot.comPS: Stop by my blog if you like vintage dresses, things with cats on them, thrift stores, flower crowns, and crocheted bows. Giveaway happening now!

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Thank you for this helpful research, Ellen. I&#8217;ll keep it in mind for &#8220;when I feel down&#8221;!Gum chewing may be good for the brain and moods but chewing something healthier than gum might be wise to limit one&#8217;s tooth decay. Also, the saliva generated when chewing anything can result in an upset stomach because one&#8217;s tummy is constantly being told by the saliva that &#8220;something&#8217;s coming to digest&#8221; when it isn&#8217;t.Blessings,Gary In Toronto

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Dr&#8217;s foster and smith make great odor repellent beds. It can help resist odors but not 100%. But I would just make a habit of washing the bed every 2 weeks, just taking the outer cover off and letting the bed air out in the sun once in a while as well. I use a nice soft blanket to cover the dog bed so it makes washing the blanket easier than the whole bed. Also, maybe more bathing is in order for your Lab.References : Was this answer helpful?

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